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Children's Yoga (Private)

Children have an innate sense of wonder and joy in life. Isha Hatha yoga practice celebrates these quality in children to empower them to be embrace life. A simple yet powerful set of 10 practices designed especially for children that builds a supporting structure for the journey ahead in life. Practice activates the joints, muscles and energy system and brings ease to the whole system. Children will learn to take control of their body, build strong foundation, maintain focus, and increase endurance. 


  • Increase focus and clarity

  • Improve attentiveness 

  • Strengthens the joints and muscles

  • Activates the joints, muscles, and energy system

Practice Requirements

Age - 7-13 years

Intensity - Low to Medium

No Prior experience necessary

Duration - 2 sessions, 2.5hr each​ (all sessions are mandatory)


Empty Stomach Requirement:

  • Meals should be consumed 2.5 hours before class
  • Snacks can be consumed 1.5 hours before class
  • Beverages can be consumed at least 1 hour before class 

Children's Yoga (Private)

    • 50% refund 2 weeks prior to program date.

    • 25% refund 1 week prior to program date.

    • No refunds 2 days prior to program date.

    • Refund processing time is 3-4 weeks.

  • Individuals with hernia should not practice Angmardhana.  Consult a physician before practicing if you have the following conditions:

    • Back, neck, hip, or leg disease
    • Injury
    • Artificial joint replacement
    • Heart disorder
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