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Practice Correction

(Children's Surya Shakti)

Practice Corrections for Children's Surya Shakti. It is essential to do yoga practice in alignment to get maximum benefits, to enhance and balance energy levels. Your practice will be corrected after detailed evaluation of postures by a highly trained Hatha Yoga Teacher and will be discussed with you. 


Practice Requirements

MUST have a regular Surya Shakti practice. If you do not remember the practice, please make sure to take Review class. 

Age 14+

Intensity - Medium

Duration - 1 session, 2 hrs 

Must have completed Surya Shakti workshop at Hatha Yoga Kula


Empty Stomach Requirement:

  • Meals shuld be consumed 4 hours before class

  • Snacks can be cnsumed 2.5 hours before class

  • Beverages can be cnsumed at least 1.5 hours before class

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