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Yoga For Kids (CHYF)

A powerful practice that activates brain and Spine! It only takes 15 minutes a day. Children will learn to take control of their body, build strong foundation, maintain focus, and increase endurance. 


  • Increase focus and clarity

  • Activates brain and lumbar region

  • Improve attentiveness bringing concentration and enhanced memory

  • Strengthens the joints and muscles

  • Beneficial for children with Autism, Dyslexia, ADD, Adults with Alzhiemers

Practice Requirements

Age - 7+ - 13

Intensity - Low to Medium

No Prior experience necessary

Duration - 1 session, 1.5hr 


Empty Stomach Requirement:

  • Meals should be consumed 2.5 hours before class
  • Snacks can be consumed 1.5 hours before class
  • Beverages can be consumed at least 1 hour before class 



Children with any kind of ailments or injuries or physical limitations should exercise caution and bring doctor's approval note.

Yoga For Kids (CHYF)

    • No Refund. Registration is Final. 

  • Consult a physician before practicing if you have the following conditions:

    • Back, neck, hip, or leg disease
    • Injury
    • Artificial joint replacement
    • Heart disorder
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