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yoga for Diabetes

This one hour long FREE Introductory Yoga Workshop for Diabetes incorporates specific yogic breathing practices, brief talk, and guided meditation that can easily be implemented in day-to-day life. 

Every human being is capable of living healthy and well. Health must come from within. Create an atmosphere where body, mind, emotion & energy are in good harmony. Invest about twenty-five to thirty minutes a day in the morning towards inner wellbeing, towards certain simple processes with which one can engineer the body and mind to experience full health and wellbeing.

Pre - Registration required


You can also Register for EXCLUSIVE Diabetes yogic workshop with 7 different yogic practices of 10 hours (3 Sessions of 3 hours each + 1 hour) to help you manage Diabetes. 

Practice Requirements

Age - 7+

Intensity - low

No Prior experience necessary

Duration - 1 session, 1hr 

IMPORTANT Note: In no circumstances, these practices be used as substitute to your current medicines or medical doctor’s advise. Please consult your doctor before registering for workshops. 

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